Service Disclaimer

We reserve the right to decline service opportunities for various products brought to us for ‘miracle’ and/or costly repair/rebuild services.

Many items are very old, and the model number and part numbers are no longer on the units. These units are simply too costly and time consuming to locate part availability and for our technicians to work on. Some units are worn beyond a cost-effective repair/rebuild.

Many items are found at the curb; are given to someone by a friend; are purchased at a flea market, yard sale or pawn shop; are residential class units used for commercial work and are worn out; are worked on by someone else improperly, etc. No operating history of the unit is available to judge accurately the needed repair cost. We do not want your repaired unit left on our doorstep when your ‘great buy’ ends up with a high repair cost that you will not pickup and pay for.

Fixing one issue sometimes unveils another non-working issue. The engine must run first before other non-working issues can be determined.

We have also learned that someone will want only one thing done to ‘fix’ the unit and then they will claim that because the unit will not work properly, the technician must have broken something else while working and expect that repair to be free. We respect your property and will offer you options to include recycling.

We have too many customers needing reasonably priced service in a responsive manner to allow for wasteful expectations.

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