Maintenance Points to Follow

Use 93 octane fuel with ethanol treatment in tanks, or better yet, use non-ethanol fuel.

S.A. White Oil Company on Atlanta Street sells non-ethanol fuel, or Google ‘where to buy non-ethanol fuel’ in your City of County.

Burn out fuel if engine will sit too long without running.

Fuel and ethanol will separate within 60 days; use Sea Foam.

Check oil level regularly but do NOT overfill oil container.

Walk-behinds use 2/3 quart of oil and riders use 1 1/2 quarts, maximum.

Change oil if dark black or the oil smells burned.

Keep oil side of engine up and level or below fuel/carburetor.

Clean air filter of dirt and debris regularly.

Do not cut grass too low or allow blades to hit objects.

If grass is too tall, cut yard once high and once lower.

Clean under plastic self-propel cover to keep pulley/belt free.

Clean under the mower deck if the grass is wet.

Clean your equipment after each use, even if you are tired.

Spray wheel adjusters with WD-40 type lubricant occasionally.

Lift the drive wheels off the ground when pulling in reverse. This will protect your drive belt, cable and pulley.

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